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Online Services

From setting up your account, assisting with managing expenses, and answering your questions along the way, Avidia Health is here for you throughout the entire process. Our online resources provide you with the necessary tools to maximize the benefits of owning a Health Savings Account.

Self-Serve Tools
Mobile Banking
Bill Pay
Online Contact
Cell Phone App

Self-Serve Tools

Our convenient self-serve tools make Health Savings Accounts easy for our members.

  • Make online contributions with an external bank account
  • View your debit card PIN, report lost/stolen card, or order a replacement
  • Review your tax forms and quarterly statements
  • Change your online banking password
  • Update your profile or add authorized signer
Cell Phone App
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Mobile Banking

Avidia Health makes it easy to view your account balance, activity, and receive alerts through our secure, convenient mobile app. The free app can be downloaded to any Apple iOS or Google Android mobile device.

Some features available in the app are:

  • Emma: Your questions are answered in real time with your personal virtual assistant, Emma. With Emma available to provide assistance via voice command, you will understand how to use your account with ease.
  • Account Alerts: Receive alerts on your Health Savings Account directly in the Avidia Health app or have them sent to your email or phone.
  • Profile Updates: View your personal information, employment information, and relevant information on your dependents.
  • Account Information: View your contribution amounts, investments, transactions, and previous years’ Health Savings Account information.
  • Mobile Scanning: Scan a product barcode at the store to see if the item is Health Savings Account eligible.
  • My Expenses: Examine your individual claims, including when you received service, who provided it, and the amount you are responsible for.
  • Card Information: Review and update your Health Savings Account card information, including your pin number, and report your card as lost or stolen.
  • Customer Service: Contact a member of the Avidia Health team directly from the app.

More Information

For additional information about mobile banking features, please email us at or call 855.248.6311.

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Cell Phone App
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Bill Pay

Advantages of Free Online Bill Payment

In an everchanging world of technological advancements, and a world in which more bills are paid electronically than by paper check, accountholders should have options when it comes to paying their bills. Our free online bill payment feature saves you time, money, and makes paying your eligible medical bills easier than ever.

More Information

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your online bill payment. Give us a call at 855.248.6311 for complete details.

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Contributions and Withdrawals

Online Contributions

Online Contributions

Contributions can be made to your Health Savings Account using online banking. Once you have linked an external account, select ‘Make a Contribution’ to fund your Health Savings Account. Both one-time transfers and scheduling external transfers are options available to accountholders. Using these features allows you to ensure your account is funded.

Calculator Money

Payroll Deductions

Check with your employer to see if you are able to make pre-tax contributions from your paycheck.

Transferring money between banks

Making a Transfer

To make a transfer from an existing Health Savings Account, complete the Custodial Transfer Form.

Personal Check

Personal Check or Money Order

To contribute to your Health Savings Account, you can also send a check or money order payable to Avidia Bank directly to us. To ensure accuracy, please include a Contribution Form with your check or money order.

Submit your forms and contributions to:

Avidia Bank
P.O. Box 370
Hudson, MA 01749

Healthcare can be complicated, but HSAs don't have to be.