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With healthcare costs on the rise, many companies struggle to maintain health coverage for their employees. HSA-compatible health plans provide employer affordability without sacrificing quality employee coverage. With Avidia Health, account holders are equipped with a quality health plan, partnered with an HSA that offers no administrative fees.

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The Value of Zero


Opening an HSA gives you the freedom and control to pay for qualified medical expenses and develop an effective financial plan.


Providing an HSA results in many benefits including improved cost savings, affordable plan coverage, increased employee health and flexibility in controlling benefit costs.


Offering a cost-effective HSA program that delivers the results your clients desire.

Avidia Health is a division of Avidia Bank, an FDIC insured full-service financial institution, offers one of the most technological and affordable HSAs on the market today. With over $1 billion in assets, 140 years of experience and clients in all 50 states, Avidia Health is the partner you need for savings.